How to Buy a Training for Business LMS

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There are 600 LMS solutions and you need one to sell content to your channel, customers or members. How can you possibly sort through all the marketing fluff and find the LMS that is best for you? At first glance all the vendors do look alike, but they are extremely different with a wide diversity of focus and capabilities. It is difficult to find LMS solutions that are focused on making money vs. saving money but during this session, we’ll teach you how.

I’m joined by Tamer Ali, SVP and Founder of Digital Ignite for this informative yet conversational fast paced session that will cover:

-What training for business is and why organizations do it
-4 Real life Training for Business demonstrations
-The challenge of sorting through 600 LMS options
-4 Steps to selecting and defining your requirements and finding the right training for business LMS for you

  • How to Buy a Training for Business LMS
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