How to Buy an Association (and not a corporate) LMS

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Have you struggled to get your LMS to work in the way your association and your members need? If so, you probably own a corporate and not an association LMS.

Association LMSs are special and the most unique of all LMSs. Many LMS feature sets from webinar management, AMS integration, ecommerce, social and mobile are all more important than they are with employee LMS. More importantly associations want vendors with hard core experience working within the association community. Finding the right association LMS with 650 potential choices can be challenging!

Join John Leh, CEO & Lead Analyst of Talented Learning and Linda Bowers, CTO of WBT Systems to teach you how!

In this fast paced webinar we will discuss:
* Differences between employee and association LMS
* Basics of defining association requirements
* Determining the appropriate level of implementation services required
* 3-Step LMS Selection Process
* Real life case studies

  • How to Buy a Customer LMS
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