How to Trade in your LMS

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Many of our Talented Learning EE webinars are focused on getting you going with extended enterprise learning technology and programs. What if you have an EE LMS but want a new one? Maybe you feel stuck with your existing solution. I’ve got great news! If you bought your LMS more than a few years ago you are most definitely not stuck and need to attend this webinar.

Join me as I show you how to trade in your old LMS for a shiny new one. With over 13 years of selling LMSs in a prior life, I know the best ways to get rid of one and I’ll share my secrets. I’ll show you how to determine what your LMS is costing you today and how to identify hidden costs, audiences and opportunities. I will take you through the math and show you how you can repurpose existing budget to fund the trade-in vs. asking for new budget. There has never been another webinar that gives this kind of practical advice to trade in that clunker!

  • How to Trade in Your LMS
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